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Day 1 : arrive at Kerinci, explore village, back to home take a lunch, after lunch we meet the elder of the village to introduce yourself. In the afternoon the travelers could explore hotspring and river. In the night for dinner we will teach travelers to make Rendang ( Indonesian dishes).

Day2 : after breakfast, start to explore tea plantation which you can reach by motorbike for 45 minutes. When you are hungry, we can find a local restaurant for lunch. after lunch visit waterfall and any other exotic places. Back to home, have a some rest and take a dinner

Day 3 : waking up, have a breakfast and go to around village. you can see the farmer’s daily life. see how to farm or grow up plants, n how to harvest it and Planting paddy in rice field, get back to home, have lunch, after lunch travellers will see how to make potatos dodol,(local food, the tasty is sweety)

Duration for the tour depend of traveler demand, that's mean as long as they want to stay, they could explore many things. But for the minimum reguest 3 days and 2 nights.

P.S : If you lucky,you will get to see the Lake Kerinci Festival. Its Festival of Arts and Cultural. It's held every year, usually at the end of the year. The festival is an event to introduce customs, arts, culture, crafts, cuisine, a native of thought and the hands of the people of Kerinci to tourists.

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English, Indonesia
Transportation in Kerinci, Room, Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Transportation to Kerinci from Jambi or Padang (west Sumatra)
2 nights, 3 days
there 2 directions to Kerinci, Jambi and Padang (West Sumatra) From Padang or Jambi's Airport travelers could using bus which is going to Kerinci. Jambi-kerinci it will take around 8 hours and from Padang( West sumatra) it will take faster than jambi, it's around 6 hours generally.



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Hello, I'm Silvia Elfida born and grew up in an archipelagic state of Indonesia influence me to be a human being that concerns about humanity and nature. Living in Kerinci,Jambi province, Sumatra. my life was surrounded by lushy green forest, fresh air, rice fields and near mountain, the highest Volcano in Indonesia. My contact with nature had started since I was kid. see how to farm or grow up plants, n how to harvest it were not a bunch of foreign things for me. I'm just graduated from university. This year, I started to love exploring forest, trekking to waterfall, hikking the mountain, getting lost in a foreign country, and also appreciating little things people do. I love traveling & exploring around, I’m so into nature & culture, I love meeting new people and make a good friends and learning languages. Join MyLocalCulture is awesome ! cause I love to share my cultures, travelling & how the real local life and to let the world know more about my hometown. ^_^ WELCOME TO KERINCI ^_^

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